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About Me

Counselling can feel like a daunting thing to do, but I promise I'm not too scary ;o)

If you're considering sharing your thoughts and emotions with me, it feels only right to share a little of myself with you. My name is Jo; I first began training as a counsellor following some difficult times in my own life with relationships and ill health.  Whilst now Im a fully trained Professionally Accredited Integrative Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor; Im also just a pretty "normal" kind of person, so please don't let the job title put you off, I too struggle with my own issues some days. Some days just feel a bit too much don't they? I mostly get through those days with as much of a smile as I can muster, and a few expletives #counsellorwhoswears #tattooedcounsellor, 

I love to laugh and always try to find a positive in every situation, but it hasn't always been this way. I have had difficult times in my life when it felt that I would never laugh again, or be able to see positives or feel gratitude, and that's what gives me the passion I have to help you through your difficult times. Im just someone trying to help others get through this life in the best way possible, as am I. I have my own issues which I continue to work on like everyone else, no-one is ever done processing, its a life long journey full of challenges and change, and I'm here to "hold your hand" with you through yours. 

You are far more resilient than you believe, its only been you that's got you through life this far, so sometimes we need to be reminded of that and give ourselves a pat on the back..

Theres not much that shocks or makes me blush anymore, Im happy to listen to whatever your issues might be, and I am trained to "hold" your difficult "stuff", so you have no need to protect me or hold back, Im here to help so let's do it together.

I am a registered member of the Association for Independent Practitioners (AIP), National Counselling Society (NCS), and British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP)

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Im a local girl and have lived in and around Sittingbourne, Teynham, Swale, Iwade, Faversham my whole life.

My career has spanned a few decades and has always focused around people.  I began in Hotel Reception, and moved on to Family and Neighbour Mediation and finally in to Counselling and Clinical Supervising.

I chose to become a therapist because I enjoy "people".  

Im intrigued in whats made us all in to who we have become, and that what I hope to pass on to you, an understanding of yourself and why you've made the choices you have etc.

Whilst counselling is often what we turn to in tough times, I think its important to keep a sense of humour when appropriate, and seeing clients laugh through their tears is heartwarming.

I continue to learn and grow daily, both from my clients and from other training I chose to complete. Its a bit boring but for full details of my training, experience and qualifications, please see my listing on the BACP website, or The Counselling Directory where you can find me listed as Jo Walmsley-Moore.

I am able to offer individual therapy to adults and young people, along with couple or relationship counselling.

I also offer Coaching & Mindfulness. 

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For daily updates and information on mental health issues please "like" my Facebook page:

I hold current and valid Indemnity Insurance am Data Protection Registered and have been DBS checked.

I have experience in working with many issues which comes from working within the NHS, in Private Practice, and other charities and organisations such as Domestic Abuse.

I am currently Minds sole therapist provider offering counselling to children in Swale area..  See the MMK Mind website for details.

As an Integrative Therapist and Clinical Supervisor I combine a number of theoretical approaches to assist with the issues I work with. This means I can offer tailor-made therapy, as individual to each client and issue, as they are themselves.

Some of these approaches are:

**Psychodynamic **Transactional Analysis **Existentialism

     **Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) **Person Centred