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Creating Your Confidential, Safe and Secure Therapy Space


In order to protect us both from the continued threat of COVID-19 I will be taking the following steps to reduce our risk:

• Temperatures will be taken at the door. All surfaces (door handles etc) will be disinfected between all face2face sessions every day.

• Within the therapy room itself I will wipe down tables between each session as well as using an upholstery disinfectant on the chairs.

• The widows will be kept open thought the session to allow a good level of air flow to the room and to minimise any risk from being in an enclosed space. I am unable to use air conditioning or fans at this time.

• Inside the room I will have disinfectant wipes available for you so that you can wipe down anything you wish to, and so have control over your environment.

• Soap and hand sanitiser will be available for you to wash / sanitise your hands both before and after the session if you wish to.

• I will wash my hands between all sessions and will open / close the therapy room door for you and stand well back as you enter / exit.

• In order to comply with insurance regulations, you may also be required to provide and wear a mask. If you would feel more comfortable wearing a face shield, then you are welcome to do so.

If I develop any symptoms of COVID-19 I will immediately cease all face to face sessions for a minimum of 7 days (offering online sessions in their place).

If you or anyone in your household develop symptoms prior to a booked session, please contact me to move that week’s session online. If you develop symptoms in the week following our session, please contact me ASAP and I will cease all face to face sessions for 14 days (offering online sessions instead) to reduce the possibility of onward transmission.

Recognised symptoms of COVID-19 currently are:

• A sore or scratchy throat

• A persistent cough

• A high temperature (of 38 C or above)

• A new loss of taste or smell

• Difficulty breathing

• Nausea or vomiting

By agreeing to commence therapy you are also agreeing to waiver confidentiality should your details be required for the track and trace service.

By requesting a face2face session I will presume you agree to the conditions listed unless you notify me otherwise.

I cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed to the virus whilst attending your session, but I will follow all of the processes listed above and will continue to review these to make sure that I am doing all I can to mitigate the risk to each of us.

If you feel that you would prefer a remote session, I am offering zoom/Skype/FaceTime along with telephone.

Any queries do please get in touch


GDPR is an EU regulation that gives you stronger controls over your data and entitles you to be clearly informed on how it is stored and used.

Your Privacy Matters - so here's how I comply to GDPR and ICO

I am registered with Information Commissioners Office (ICO) which means I am required to advise you of what data I collect, and how I intend to store it safely, and under what circumstances I am obliged to share it. 

If you chose to email me with an enquiry, the information you provide is sent to a secure, password protected account which can only be accessed by Affinity Counselling.  Should you decide to call, the information you leave is again password protected and only accessible to Affinity Counselling.

When we meet for the first time for your assessment session, before your therapy begins I will give you an Agreement document that explains how I keep your confidentiality. By us both signing this it reassures you that I will be complying to new regulations, whilst you are giving your informed consent to having therapy with me and to my holding any personal information necessary for your therapy sessions.

You are entitled to copies of all the information I hold on you, and once you have informed me in writing I have a month to present it to you.

Any personal information you give me will always be password protected and saved onto an external hard drive. Any paper information I keep which is unlikely, is locked into a safe filing cabinet. You can discuss any of this more with me in our therapy sessions.  All personal information provided will only be kept for the required time stated by my insurers.

Confidentiality is an important aspect of the therapeutic relationship and I adhere to the Data Protection Act (1998) and I am registered. with the ICO, (Data Protection Reg. No: ZA151426). In your first session, we will discuss the legal limits to confidentiality in more detail but these include my obligation to clinical supervision and passing on a Christian name and contact number for you to be notified in a situation where I am unavailable.

Online & Telephone Counselling

If either of these types of therapy better suit your needs or lifestyle, I am happy to offer alternate methods other than face-to-face. If one of these methods suits you, then a few things will need to be in place first: you must have a private and confidential space you can use to talk, as will I. Secondly if you prefer online therapy then I will request that you download the software for Zoom – it is a more secure option than Skype. Payments for non-face-to-face sessions must be paid prior to the session time.

Conduct of Sessions

Sessions will not over – run in the event of late arrival. 

I kindly request that clients:

I) Conduct themselves with due respect to all parties attending sessions, and in particular, avoid abusive or otherwise threatening language or behavior;

ii) It is illegal to record the session on any device without prior consent, please do keep phone, tablets and similar devices SWITCHED OFF during sessions;

iii) Commit to the counselling process and its aims throughout the period during which sessions are undertaken; both during and outside session times.

Social Media Policy

My primary concern is your privacy. I do not accept friend requests from current clients on any social networking sites. Adding clients can compromise confidentiality and privacy and may blur the boundaries of our therapeutic relationship. I have a public Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account which you are however welcome to browse.




If you have questions about my policy, please feel free to ask me in your session so that I can go in to more detail to iron out any concerns you may have. You are responsible for what you choose to write or interact with on any of my social media platforms.